Travel teams need travel funds. High school teams need practice gear. All-Star teams need tournament registration funding. All of these teams need money. No matter how you slice it, one of the often unmentioned pain points of helping your team just compete, is reaching down deep into those pockets and coming up with the funds to help your team go and grow. Whether you need the money right away or you have some time before next season, give these tried and true fundraising ideas a try for your sports team’s next fundraiser.

11 Fundraisers for Your Sports Team

1. Bingo

fundraisers-for-sports-teams-bingoWe love a good game of B-I-N-G-O!

This family friendly option can raise money via admission and concessions. Get some really good donated prizes and make sure to publicize it. The more, the merrier–although, you don’t need a ridiculous crowd for this to be a wildly successful fundraiser.

Just make sure you have a large room or covered space and an entertaining “caller”. Nothing can dampen a BINGO night more than a boring MC. Or, even better–have some of the players on your team rotate in and out as the bingo callers. They’ll provide feel-good commentary and will also feel more compelled to rev up participation at the event because they’re contributing!

For some brilliant strategies for getting your bingo fundraiser up and running, check out Fundraiser Help’s Bingo guide.

2. Rent-a-Player

This is a non-traditional, but oh-so-fun way to get funds and rev up some team spirit within the community. Some also refer to it as a player auction.

You can design it to run however you’d like, but the main premise behind it is that your team makes themselves available to do errands (like cutting grass, folding laundry, running to the grocery store), babysit, or to hang out with your family for a game night or bbq!

In the auction scenario, there is an event held where bidders show up to eat, hangout and bid on the athletes, one-by-one auction-style.

In the Rental Scenario, you can solicit a pay-per-hour on designated days and time slots and collect money in advance.

3. Restaurant Night

fundraisers-for-sports-teams-restaurant-nightYou’ve probably heard about a billion times: “Order pizza on this night and X% of the proceeds will be donated to such-and-such.” 

You hear it so often because it works! It’s a mutually beneficial fundraiser for donatees, the restaurants and your team. Those donating get a good meal, the restaurant gets more patrons, your team gets money with minimal effort.

Contact local restaurants or chains to set up a night for your team’s fundraising cause.

Some that you should definitely check out if they’re in your area:

This is definitely not an exhaustive list. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the local family-friendly restaurants in your area.

4. 50/50 Raffle or Prize Drawing

fundraisers-for-sports-teams-rafflesWinner need not be present for a 50/50, so it’s a super simple fundraiser to pull off.

Make your own ticket vouchers or purchase some like these. Make sure that participants are filling out the side of the coupon that you’ll keep.

Offer 1 ticket for $2-$5 and bundle more tickets at a discounted rate to try and gardner more sales (for instance, three tickets for $12 if you’re selling one ticket for $5).

The prize is half of whatever monies are collected from 50/50 ticket sales. Fifty percent profit is not a bad deal at all!

For a traditional prize drawing raffle with a double roll of tickets, it’s best to do these on a tournament day or the day of a big event.

Get your prizes donated or shell out a little money for something that you are sure you’ll recoup the funds for with ticket sales. Remember, the bigger the prize, the more tickets you’ll sell. And more ticket sales equals more profit for you.

Hold the big drawing towards the end of the event. If you have smaller prizes, draw for those throughout the course of the event. Give the winner about 10 minutes to claim their prizes, and if they don’t then you can just keep drawing until you have a winner!

5. Cookbook

fundraisers-for-sports-teams-cookbookEasy peasy, pudding pie! (I had to–haha).

Collect favorite recipes from the families of your team and associated members of the community. This will almost guarantee sales from anyone who contributes a recipe!

If you’re tight on funds, design your own book in a desktop publishing program on the computer and have them printed at an office supply store.

If you’ve got some time and want to go the extra mile to really give everyone an end product to cherish, check out a website that specializes in cookbook publishing for fundraising, like this one.

6. Team Yard Sale

Amy’s Wandering offers some GREAT tips for organizing a team Yard Sale. Check out her post on Planning a Fundraiser Garage Sale.

fundraisers-for-sports-teams-yard-saleIf you want to take it a step further, then you can even create an online Garage Sale. Facebook pages and groups are great for that!

7. Silent Auction

A silent auction isn’t typically a stand-alone fundraiser. You’ll want to execute this one in conjunction with another event (think family night, bingo, baseball tournament).

The execution is one of the simplest, however:

  1. Get some great donated prizes.
  2. Set them up on tables with ledger paper that has a starting bid and minimum increment. Make sure you buffer your profit into that starting bid.
  3. Let bidders write their names, email and increasing bids until a pre-determined cutoff time.
  4. Collect the sheets.
  5. Contact the winners to collect their prizes.

8. Golf Tournament

fundraisers-for-sports-teams-golfHaving done a few of these, I will say that it requires a TON of work to pull off a successful golf tournament as a fundraiser.

You want to make sure that you’ve got the right volunteers and place and that your planning is to a tee (had to–haha!) so that the tournament is enjoyable for the patrons, and so that it revs up excitement to pull off an even bigger and better tournament the next year.

Check out this helpful 18 Step Guide to Producing a Successful Charity Golf Tournament.

9. Family Fun Field Day

fundraisers-for-sports-teams-field-dayLet’s get nostalgic for a minute. Ready? Imagine:

  • Potato sack races
  • Water balloon tosses
  • Tug-o-war
  • Egg balance relays…

So much fun right?

Plan a family field day fundraiser. Make it old school. Charge admission and individual or team sign ups. Get some community sponsors, sell concessions that remind everyone of yesteryear, and let the good times roll.

10. Straw Grab

fundraisers-for-sports-teams-straw-grabA straw grab is another fundraiser with minimal investment.

Buy a pack of plastic straws, write various prizes on small pieces of paper, and attach them to the bottom of straws. For all of the leftover (non-winning) straws, attach a piece of paper with a note of gratitude. Stick the straws paper-side-down into a box or vase.

Participants pay a set amount to draw a straw.

That’s all there is to it!

11. Team-Grams

fundraisers-for-sports-teams-appreciation-grams[Insert your team name here]-grams are a way to raise funds and build connections between your team and your community.

Charge community members a small fee to send out a customized note of acknowledgement to anyone else in the community.

Deliver the handwritten or custom-designed notes and watch the smiles roll in.

If you want to raise money for your sports team, that may mean stepping outside of the framework of the traditional candy selling that you’re used to. This list consists of tried and true methods and will continue to grow. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop about more fundraising ideas for your sports teams.